Data Privacy

Distributing Data for Secure Database Services PowerPoint Presentation Vignesh Ganapathy, Dilys Thomas, Tomas Feder, Hector Garcia-Molina, Rajeev Motwani. PAIS with ICDT/ EDBT 2011.
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Auditing SQL Queries PowerPoint Presentation R. Motwani, S. Nabar, D. Thomas. PDM Workshop with ICDE 2006.
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Data Streams

Finding Frequent elements in non-Bursty streams R. Panigrahy, D. Thomas. ESA 2007.
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STREAM: The Stanford Stream Data Manager. Stanford Stream Group. IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin. 2003

Algorithms, Databases

Querying Priced Information in Databases: The Conjunctive Case R. Carmo, T. Feder, Y. Kohayakawa, E. Laber, R. Motwani, L. O'Callaghan, R. Panigrahy, D. Thomas. ACM Transactions on Algorithms, TALG 2006
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Scheduling and Caching in MultiQuery Optimization A. A. Diwan, S. Sudarshan, D. Thomas. COMAD 2006
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