Seth A. Myers

    Seth A. Myers

I am currently a 5th year PhD student in the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (iCME) at Stanford University. My advisor is Jure Leskovec, a professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford, with whom I study large-scale social networks. Before that, I did my undergrad at Northwestern University where I triple majored in math, computational physics, and integrated science. As an undergraduate, my research was advised by Adilson Motter, a professor in the physics department, and my undergraduate thesis was on the synchronization of networks of oscillators.

This summer, I started a research internship at Twitter, Inc., and I continue to collaborate there part time.

Email: samyers AT stanford DOT edu

NOTE: If you stumbled on to my page looking for the Saturday Night Live comedian of the same name (although spelled differently), sorry to disappoint.

       Research Interests

My research interests include information diffusion across social networks, network dynamics, computations across massive datasets, and applications of machine learning

       Non-Research Interests

My non research interests include snow boarding, craft beer, the Dallas Cowboys, and Seth Rogan movies.


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  •        After Graduation

    After graduating from Stanford, I will become a data scientist at Spiderbook Inc. Spiderbook is a connected business network of every company in the world, their suppliers, partners & customers including key decision makers and executives behind those deals. Spiderbook crawls billions of documents and uses Natural Language Processing to build its network. Then it utilizes graph algorithms and machine learning for lead generation, sales prospecting, and social selling.