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Packages that use CommandOptions
tuffy.learn Provides weight learning in Tuffy. 
tuffy.main Entrances to Tuffy. 
tuffy.util Miscellaneous utilities. 

Uses of CommandOptions in tuffy.learn

Methods in tuffy.learn with parameters of type CommandOptions
 void opt)
          run the learner

Uses of CommandOptions in tuffy.main

Fields in tuffy.main declared as CommandOptions
protected  CommandOptions Infer.options
          Command line options.

Methods in tuffy.main with parameters of type CommandOptions
protected  void Infer.loadMLN(MarkovLogicNetwork mln, RDB adb, CommandOptions opt)
          Load the rules and data of the MLN program.
 void opt)
 void opt)
protected  void Infer.setUp(CommandOptions opt)
          Set up MLN inference, including the following steps: 1) loadMLN Infer.loadMLN(tuffy.mln.MarkovLogicNetwork, tuffy.db.RDB, tuffy.parse.CommandOptions); 2) store symbols and evidence MarkovLogicNetwork.materializeTables(); 3) run KBMC; 4) apply scoping rules; 5) mark query atoms in the database MarkovLogicNetwork.storeAllQueries().

Uses of CommandOptions in tuffy.util

Methods in tuffy.util that return CommandOptions
static CommandOptions UIMan.parseCommand(java.lang.String[] args)
static CommandOptions UIMan.processOptions(CommandOptions opt)

Methods in tuffy.util with parameters of type CommandOptions
static CommandOptions UIMan.processOptions(CommandOptions opt)