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Packages that use Tuple
tuffy.ground Provides facilities for grounding MLNs, including KBMC, SQL-based grounding, and MRF partitioning. 
tuffy.mln This package builds the data structure of MLN. 

Uses of Tuple in tuffy.ground

Fields in tuffy.ground with type parameters of type Tuple
(package private)  java.util.HashSet<Tuple> KBMC.AtomCutSet.heap
          Set of all tuples in each stratum.
(package private)  java.util.HashSet<Tuple> KBMC.AtomCutSet.Stratum.tuples
          Set of tuples in this stratum.

Methods in tuffy.ground that return Tuple
          Returns the first tuple in the first stratum.

Methods in tuffy.ground with parameters of type Tuple
 void KBMC.AtomCutSet.Stratum.add(Tuple t)
          Add a tuple to this stratum.
 void KBMC.AtomCutSet.addTuple(Tuple t)
          Add a tuple to corresponding stratum.
 boolean KBMC.AtomCutSet.contains(Tuple t)
          Return true if the input tuple is in the corresponding stratum.
 void KBMC.AtomCutSet.removeTuple(Tuple t)
          Remove the input tuple from corresponding stratum.
 void KBMC.AtomCutSet.Stratum.removeTuplesSubsumedBy(Tuple t)
          Remove tuples in this stratum that subsumes the input tuple.
 boolean KBMC.AtomCutSet.subsumes(Tuple t)
          Returns true if there exists a tuple in this AtomCutSet that subsumes the input tuple.
 boolean KBMC.AtomCutSet.Stratum.subsumes(Tuple t)
          Test whether there is a tuple in this stratum subsumes the input tuple.

Uses of Tuple in tuffy.mln

Fields in tuffy.mln declared as Tuple
 Tuple Atom.args
          The argument list represented as a tuple of integers: constant as positive number and variable as negative number.
private  Tuple Literal.tuple
          The tuple format of this literal.

Methods in tuffy.mln that return Tuple
 Tuple Literal.toTuple()
          Convert this literal into a tuple.

Methods in tuffy.mln with parameters of type Tuple
 java.util.HashMap<java.lang.String,Term> Literal.mostGeneralUnification(Tuple atuple)
          Compute the most general unification (MGU) of two literals.
 boolean Tuple.subsumes(Tuple other)
          Test if the tuple subsumes the argument tuple.

Constructors in tuffy.mln with parameters of type Tuple
Atom(Predicate p, Tuple at)
          Create an atom of type NONE.