Report Number: CSL-TR-96-694
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Analysis and Synthesis of Concurrent Digital Circuits Using Control-Flow Expressions
Author: Coelho, Claudionor Nunes Jr.
Author: DeMicheli, Giovanni
Date: April 1996
Abstract: We present in this paper a novel modeling style and control synthesis technique for system-level specifications that are better described as a set of concurrent descriptions, their synchronizations and constraints. The proposed synthesis procedure considers the degrees of freedom introduced by the concurrent models and by the environment in order to satisfy the design constraints. Synthesis is divided in two phases. In the first phase, the original specification is translated into an algebraic system, for which complex control-flow constraints and quantifiers of the design are introduced. In the second phase, we translate the algebraic formulation into a finite-state representation, and we derive an optimal control-unit implementation for each individual concurrent part. In the implementation of the controllers from the finite-state representation, we use flexible objective functions, which allows designers to better control the goals of the synthesis tool, and thus incorporate as much as possible their knowledge about the environment and the design.