Report Number: CSL-TR-95-677
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: SPARC-V9 Architecture Specification with Rapide
Author: Santoro, Alexandre
Author: Park, Woosang
Author: Luckham, David
Date: September 1995
Abstract: This report presents an approach to creating an executable standard for the SPARC-V9 instruction set architecture using Rapide-1.0, a language for modeling and prototyping distributed systems. It describes the desired characteristics of a formal specification of the architecture and shows how Rapide can be used to build a model with these characteristics. This is followed by the description of a simple prototype of the proposed model, and a discussion of the issues involved in building and testing the complete specification (with emphasis on some Rapide-specific features such as constraints, causality and mapping). The report concludes with a brief evaluation of the proposed model and suggestions on future areas of research.