Report Number: CSL-TR-90-426
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: A VLSI architecture for the FCHC isometric lattice gas model
Author: Lee, Fung F.
Author: Flynn, Michael J.
Author: Morf, Martin
Date: April 1990
Abstract: Lattice gas models are cellular automata used for the simulation of fluid dynamics. This paper addresses the design issues of a lattice gas collision rule processor for the four-dimensional FCHC isometric lattice gas model. A novel VLSI architecture based on an optimized version of Henon's isometric algorithm is proposed. One of the key concepts behind this architecture is the permutation group representation of the isometry group of the lattice. In contrast to the straightforward table lookup approach which would take 4.5 billion bits to implement this set of collision rules, the size of our processor is only about 5000 gates. With a reasonable number of pipeline stages, the processor can deliver one result per cycle with a cycle time comparable to or less than that of a common commercial DRAM.