Report Number: CSL-TR-78-165
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Partitioning of digital systems
Author: Mei, K.
Author: vanCleemput, Willem M.
Author: Blount, M.
Author: Hanson, D. L.
Author: Payne, Thomas S.
Author: Savir, Jacob
Author: Scheffer, L. K.
Date: April 1979
Abstract: The aim of this study is to develop concepts and tools for understanding the influence of partitioning on the life-cycle cost of a system. Throughout this study three types of boards will be considered as examples to illustrate the concepts being developed. These three board types are being used by the U.S. Navy for various types of equipment. The types considered are: Type 1A: A small PC card with space for up to 8 IC's and a single 40-pin connector. Type 2A: A PC card with space for up to 18 IC's and a single 100-pin connector. Type 5X: A PC card with space for up to 55 IC's and two connectors: a 100-pin connector for the back plane connection and a 30-pin test point connector to be used for diagnostic purposes only.