Report Number: CS-TR-73-396
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: The use of sensory feedback in a programmable assembly system.
Author: Bolles, Robert C.
Author: Paul, Richard P.
Date: October 1973
Abstract: This article describes an experimental, automated assembly system which uses sensory feedback to control an electro-mechanical arm and TV camera. Visual, tactile, and force feedback are used to improve positional information, guide manipulations, and perform inspections. The system has two phases: a 'planning' phase in which the computer is programmed to assemble some object, and a 'working' phase in which the computer controls the arm and TV camera in actually performing the assembly. The working phase is designed to be run on a mini-computer. The system has been used to assemble a water pump, consisting of a base, gasket, top, and six screws. This example is used to explain how the sensory data is incorporated into the control system. A movie showing the pump assembly is available from the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.