Report Number: CS-TR-66-53
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: A programming language for the 360 computers
Author: Wirth, Niklaus
Date: December 1966
Abstract: A programming language for the IBM 360 computers and its implementation are described. The language, called PL360, provides the facilities of a symbolic machine language, but displays a structure defined by a recursive syntax. The compiler, consisting of a precedence syntax analyser and a set of interpretation rules with strict one-to-one correspondence to the set of syntactic rules directly reflects the definition of the language. | k-th syntax rule | k-th interpretation rule | $S_0 ::= S_1 S_2 ... S_n$ | $V_0 := f_k (V_1 , V_2 , ... , V_n)$ | PL360 was designed to improve the readability of programs which must take into account specific characteristics and limitations of a particular computer. It represents an attempt to further the state of the art of programming by encouraging and even forcing the programmer to improve his style of exposition and his principles and discipline in program organization, and not by merely providing a multitude of "new" features and facilities. The language is therefore particularly well suited for tutorial purposes. The attempt to present a computer as a systematically organized entity is also hoped to be of interest to designers of future computers.