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Getting an Account

Start by creating an account for yourself at www.gradiance.com/services. Note: passwords are ≥ 10 letters+digits, with at least one of each.

If you are a student, and your instructor has given you a token (8-hex-digit code) for the class you are to enter, then login to your account, and access the class material by entering the token.

If you are not part of a class, you can join one or more of our "omnibus classes" that let you work a generic set of problems. Here are the codes for the available classes.

Becoming a Gradiance Instructor

We currently offer use of the system free of charge. If you are an instructor who wants to use the system, start by creating an account for yourself at www.gradiance.com/services. Note: passwords are ≥ 10 letters+digits, with at least one of each. Also, we cannot make an account be an instructor account for a book if the same account has registered as a student for a course using the same materials.

Please let us know (by email to support@gradiance.com) your account id, with the book or tutorial whose materials you want. We will enable you to create a class using those materials. For a list of currently available services Click Here.

Gradiance offers a patented "root question" technology that allows students to work the same problem repeatedly, until they get it right. They are shown different choices of answer each time they try, and if they get it wrong, they are given an appropriate hint. You can find more details about root questions, as well as a guide to using Gradiance for your class, through the instructor's and author's guides at www.gradiance.com/info.html.

Available Resources

We offer packages containing root questions, and in some cases programming labs and/or tutorials. Packages designated as classes allow you to organize root questions into homeowrks and assign these to studnets. You can also assign prepackaged homeworks, each on a single topic. Programming labs can only be assigned as a unit. Packages designated as a class also generate grades in a spreadsheet the instructor can download. Tutorials are only for self study.

SubjectBook(s)Class or TutorialProgramming Labs?
Database SystemsGarcia-Ullman-Widom, Elmasri-NavatheClassYes, SQL
Data MiningTan-Steinback-Kumar, Leskovec-Rajaraman-UllmanClassNo
Operating SystemsTenenbaum, genericClassYes, Java
Data StructuresCarranoClassYes, Java
Automata TheoryHopcroft-Motwani-UllmanClassNo
Introductory ProgrammingLiang, Guzdial-EricsonClassYes, Java
Discrete MathematicsgenericClassNo
Distributed DatabasesgenericClassNo
SQL ProgramminggenericTutorialYes, SQL
Java ProgramminggenericTutorialYes, Java
GUI ProgramminggenericTutorialYes, Java

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