CS145 Outline
4/1Intro, E/R model1, 2.2
4/3More E/R, ODL2.1, 2.4
4/8Weak entity sets, keys, subclasses2.5, 2.6
4/10Design principles, Network, hierarchical model2.3, 2.7
4/15Relational model 3.1-3
4/17Subclasses, Functional Dependencies3.4-6
4/22Relational Algebra4.1
4/29SQL queries5.1-3
5/1Bags, duplicates, Aggregation, Modifications4.6, 5.4-6
5/6Schemas, Views, Nulls, Outerjoins5.7-9
5/8Midterm Examinationup to 5/1 lecture
5/13Constraints in SQL6.1-5
5/15SQL3 Triggers, Embedded SQL6.6, 7.1
5/20Cursors, Datalog intro7.1, 4.2
5/22More Datalog4.3-4
5/27SQL3 Recursion, intro to OQL5.10, 8.1-2
5/29More OQL8.3-4
6/3SQL3 Objects, review8.5-6