CS145 - Spring 2004
Introduction to Databases

Schedule, Lecture Notes, Readings

Lecture note links are added over time.
This schedule may evolve as the course progresses.

DateTopic & Lecture Notes LinkReadings (*)
Wed. March 31 Introductory Material Chapter 1 and SQL for Web Nerds: Introduction
Mon. April 5 Data: Relations and XML 3.1, 6.6.1-6.6.4, 4.7, XML in 10 Points,
XML Tutorial, DTD Tutorial,
Other XML readings linked from this page
Wed. April 7 Relational Algebra 5.1-5.2
Mon. April 12 SQL: Queries and Updates 6.1-6.5, 8.1 (**), 8.5 (**)
SQL for Web Nerds: Queries and Complex Queries
Wed. April 14 SQL (cont'd);
XML Queries: XPath and XQuery
For XPath read one or more of:
XPath Tutorial, XPath Tutorial (different), XPath
For XQuery read one of more of:
XQuery, An Introduction to XQuery, XQuery Tutorial
XPath 2.0 Specification, XQuery 1.0 Specification,
What is XQuery?, XQuery paper (pdf)
Mon. April 19 XPath and XQuery (cont'd) "
Wed. April 21 Relational Database Design 3.4-3.7
Mon. April 26 Relational Design (cont'd);
Higher-Level Design: UML
Browse one or both of:
Database design with UML and SQL,
Database Modeling in UML
Wed. April 28 UML (cont'd); Exam review "
Mon. May 3 MIDTERM EXAM --
Wed. May 5 Constraints and Triggers Chapter 7
SQL for Web Nerds: Triggers
Mon. May 10 Transactions 8.6
Wed. May 12 Indexes; Views 6.6.5-6.6.6, 6.7
SQL for Web Nerds: Views
Mon. May 17 Authorization;
Object-Relational SQL
8.7, 9.4-9.5
Wed. May 19 Object-Relational SQL (cont'd);
SQL Recursion
Mon. May 24 Data Warehousing & Data Mining "On-Line Analytical Processing and Data Cubes"
(in postscript or pdf),
Summarizing Data with CUBE and ROLLUP,
SQL for Aggregation in Data Warehouses,
SQL for Web Nerds: Data Warehousing
Wed. May 26 Data Management in Peer-to-Peer Systems
(Qi and Beverly guest lecture)
No readings
Mon. May 31 HOLIDAY --
Wed. June 2 Course evals, project demos,
wrap-up, exam review, refreshments
Mon. June 7 FINAL EXAM
9:30-11:30 AM, Gates B01

(*) All numbers in this column refer to chapters or sections of the course textbook - A First Course in Database Systems, Second Edition or Database Systems: The Complete Book. See Books in the Administrative Information page for more information.

(**) Required reading even though material is not covered in lecture.