CS145 - Introduction to Databases
Spring 2001, Prof. Widom

Midterm Exam: Logistics and Review


Review Session

A review session will be conducted by two of the TA's on Sunday May 6 from 7:00-8:30 PM in the the Gates Computer Science Building room B12 (across from the usual classroom). Please bring questions. The review session will not be televised.

Material Covered

The exam will cover:

Since the material on programming with SQL (covered in class and in the readings) has not yet been exercised in an assignment, any questions regarding this material on the exam will be straightforward.

What follows is an outline of the material we've covered so far. All of this material is fair game for the midterm exam.

  1. Basic motivation and database terminology

  2. Entity-relationship model and E/R diagrams

  3. Relational model

  4. Relational database design

  5. Relational algebra

  6. SQL

  7. Indexes

  8. Programming with SQL: cursory coverage only