CS145 - Introduction to Databases
Spring 2001, Prof. Widom

Final Exam: Logistics and Review


Review Sessions

For your convenience, two alternative review sessions will be conducted by the TA's: Please bring questions. The review sessions will not be televised.

Material Covered

The final exam will cover all material covered by the midterm exam (see Midterm Logistics and Review). In addition, the following material will be covered: A few things to note:

What follows is an outline of the material we've covered since the midterm exam. All of this material is fair game for the final exam.


  2. Authorization

  3. Transactions

  4. Constraints and triggers

  5. Recursion

  6. Object-oriented design

  7. Object-relational SQL

  8. Middleware and application servers

  9. Data warehousing and mining

  10. XML