CS145 Project Part 7

CS145 - Introduction to Databases
Spring 2000, Prof. Widom

Personal Database Application: Part 7
Due Wednesday May 24

There are several aspects of this final part of your programming project that are different from the previous parts:

There is one very important Oracle handout for this assignment:

Please review this handout very carefully before beginning your work.

Your assignment this time is straightforward: build a user-friendly Web interface to your PDA. As we discussed at the beginning of the course, a huge number of Web sites are based largely on a relational database system. The HTML pages a user browses are generated from the database, and user actions and inputs result in behind-the-scenes SQL queries and updates. Although the database-backed site you will create is not likely to be as snazzy as a typical Web shopping or auction site, the basic idea is the same. Here are some general ground rules:

Your Web front-end will interact with your Oracle database using CGI scripts and Pro*C, or using Java Servlets and JDBC. Both modes are described in the handout Web-Database Programming. If you used Pro*C for Project Part 5 then you may want to choose CGI scripts for this part, and if you used JDBC for Part 5 then you may want to choose Servlets for this part, however you may also switch languages at this point if you prefer.

Students using CGI scripts will simply submit their URL. Students using Java Servlets are likely to need to submit their code, which we will run. Details are still being worked out and will be published shortly.