CS145 Outline
9/22Intro, E/R model1, 2.2,3,2.4.3-4
9/27More E/R2.5 except 2.5.2, 2.6
9/29Network, hierarchical, relational models2.7, 3.1-3
10/4Subclasses, Functional dependencies, Boyce-Codd Normal Form 3.5-3.7.3
10/6Decomposition, Relational Algebra3.7.4-6, 4.1
10/11SQL queries5.1-3
10/13Bags, Duplicates, Aggregation, Modifications4.6, 5.4-6
10/18Schemas, Views5.7-8
10/20Nulls, Outerjoin, Constraints5.9, 6.1-3
10/25More constraints, Triggers6.4-6, or-plsql.html
10/27PL/SQL; Embedded SQL7.1
11/1Midterm Examination (tentative)up to 10/27 lecture
11/3Object-relational database systems8.5-6, or-objects.html
11/8More O-R, Return to normalization, 3NF3.7.7
11/10More 3NF, Multivalued dependencies and 4NF3.8
11/15Datalog 4.2-3
11/17Recursion in SQL3 and Datalog4.4, 5.10
11/22OO design using ODL2.1, 2.4.1, 2.5.2, 3.2
11/24OO queries using OQL8.1-3
11/29More OQL8.4
12/1Querying XML dataNotes