Homework #7 FAQ


Question: If we haven't yet used our late days, can we take them on HW7?
Answer: Yes.


Question: I did everything I was supposed to do to get a running program foo, but when I issued command foo, it wasn't there.
Answer: Possibly, you do not have ``dot'' in your path. The Leland management doesn't like people to do that, because a hacker could put a file named ls or some other common UNIX command in your home directory. Then when you said ls something bad would happen, like all your files are deleted. The workaround is to say ./foo when you want a file foo in your current directory to execute.

Problem 3

Question: Is something missing after Set in the ODL relationship declarations?
Answer Right. The problem was your instructor forgot to escape < and > in the ODL. It's fixed now and available on line. The mangled type was Set<Bid> in each case.
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