Homework #6 FAQ


Question: I can't get my TYPE BODY declarations to compile.
Answer: That's not a question, but the problem may be that the notes had errors where the RETURN clause was left out of the examples. The correct form is illustrated in the Oracle Objects On-Line Guide.

Question: I get compilation errors when I try to create a function with zero arguments.
Answer: That's not a question either, but it appears that there were more errors in the notes, and even in the Oracle guide, or rules have changed with the new system release. You declare such a function without parentheses after the name.

Problem 1

Question: How can another transaction see what a serializable transaction is doing before the serializable transaction commits.
Answer: Remember: declaring a transaction serializable (or any of the other three options) only affects that transaction's view of the world. That is, the serializable transaction gets to see a database state that appears as if some transactions ran completely before and committed, while all other transactions have not yet begun.