CS 245  DATABASE SYSTEMS PRINCIPLES              Winter 1999
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ASSIGNMENTS:  Seven written homework assignments. No programming. 
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GRADING:  Homeworks: 20%, Midterm: 30%, Final: 50%.

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DATE                    CHAPTER         TOPIC
Tuesday January 5                       Introduction
Thursday January 7      Ch. 2           Hardware
Tuesday January 12      Ch. 3           File and System Structure
Thursday January 14     Ch. 3           File and System Structure
Tuesday January 19      Ch. 4           Indexing and Hashing
Thursday January 21     Ch. 4           Indexing and Hashing
Tuesday January 26      Ch. 5           Indexing and Hashing
Thursday January 28     Ch. 6           Query Processing
Tuesday February 2      Ch. 6           Query Processing
Thursday February 4     Ch. 7           Query Processing
Tuesday February 9                      Midterm
Thursday February 11    Ch. 8           Crash Recovery
Tuesday February 16     Ch. 8           Crash Recovery
Thursday February 18    Ch. 9           Concurrency Control
Tuesday February 23     Ch. 9           Concurrency Control
Thursday February 25    Ch. 9           Concurrency Control
Tuesday March 2         Ch. 10          Transaction Processing
Thursday March 4        Ch. 10          Transaction Processing
Tuesday March 9         Ch. 11          Information Integration
Thursday March 11                       Review