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PyClaycloud is an executable pastebin for Python that runs on top of Google App Engine. The goal of PyClaycloud is to facilitate the sharing and rapid prototyping of Python scripts. With PyClaycloud, you can execute Python code in the browser, and share with your friends.


Below is a chart I made based on Wikipedia data:

Nationalities of Players in NBA Draft 1992

Easy Sharing

How did I create the above chart?

With PyClaycloud, scripts are easy to share. Simply save the script at a PyClaycloud URL:

Follow the above PyClaycloud URL to see how the chart was generated. You can press "Submit Code" to reexecute the script. (Please be patient. Press "Submit Code" again if it returns a timeout "Application Error: 5".)

Quick Prototyping

Want to run the above script on different data? PyClaycloud makes it easy. Edit and submit any script for fast prototyping. As an example, we can edit the above script to create a similar chart for 2003 data:

Nationalities of Players in NBA Draft 2003

PyClaycloud-Specific Functionality

As a Google App Engine app, PyClaycloud can execute Python 2.5. To facilitate fast prototyping, I added two functions to PyClaycloud on top of standard Python:


Please message me at claycloud.msg [at] to express interest.

Let me know if you have particular workloads or scenarios in mind.

Want to launch your own PyClaycloud?