I am Vijay Krishnan, founder of Flipora Inc. Reach me at: username[AT]cs.stanford.edu
(Replace the [AT] with the @, username with vijayk)

Here is my resume.

Links relating to our new product, Flipora.

Here is the Flipora Facebook page.

Here is the Flipora Alexa page showing our fast growth in recent times.

Here is the Flipora Twitter page.

Here is a discussion regarding finding interesting people to follow on Flipora and making sure your feed is filled with interesting content. Here is a layperson's perspective of what Flipora is. Here is another question relating to using Flipora.

Flipora covered in venturebeat in some detail.

Here is the flipora crunchbase page with details of our company and investors.

Some of our efforts to prevent flipora spam by users seeking to gain followers and gain more traffic to their blogs.

Links relating to our old product, Infoaxe.

The Infoaxe facebook page.

The infoaxe twitter page.

The infoaxe youtube page.

About Infoaxe

Old blog post about Infoaxe.

Infoaxe on Techcrunch.