Ioannis (Yanni) Antonellis

Senior Director, Data Science and Engineering at Upwork

This page is no longer being updated.

On September 2011 I joined oDesk as a Data Scientist.

I used to be a Phd student at the Computer Science Department of Stanford University. My advisor was Hector Garcia-Molina and I was a member of the Stanford Infolab.


On September 2011 I joined oDesk as a Data Scientist.

On September 2010 I joined Nextag as a Senior Research Engineer.

Information on the Discover Stanford initiative from the Hellenic Association at Stanford: Educational visit to Stanford for Greek students

This quarter I am a Teaching Assistant for the graduate level databases class at Stanford (CS245). Come by during office hours to get a hot cup of coffee!

Another Technical Report on: Space-Constrained Dynamic Covering with Anish Das Sarma and Shaddin Dughmi.

Check out our two new Technical Reports: (a) Navigating the Web with Query Tags and (b) A Dynamic Navigation Guide for Webpages.

Simrank++ title and abstract now available in Greek; thanks to HDMS2009 for making me do the translation.

Added thesis proposal on the Data Section.

You can check my recent talk on Query Tags that I gave at WSDM 2009 in Barcelona.

VLDB released the video from my VLDB 2008 presentation on Simrank++ last August in New Zealand.

Check out our new Technical Report (along with Hector Garcia-Molina and Jawed Karim) on Tagging with Queries: How and Why? to appear in WSDM 2009, Late Breaking Results session.

This last summer (2008) I was a Research intern in the Data Mining and Exploration Group (DMX) at Microsoft Research, headed by Surajit Chaudhuri.

Our Simrank++ paper got accepted in the VLDB 2008 Conference. Check the publications page and the related Infoblog post.

I was a Research intern at Yahoo! (summer 2007). Please check our Simrank++ Technical Report.



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  • My brother's page (Dimitris), Phd student at USC
  • My brother's page (Panagiotis), Phd student at University of Patras, Greece
  • The foot and ankle Institute of San Francisco
  • Centaur Soft, a great grid generator product
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    e-mail: entonall@cs.stenford, after replacing a with e and e with a.

    The Satrapy

    What a misfortune, although you are made
    for fine and great works
    this unjust fate of yours always
    denies you encouragement and success;
    that base customs should block you;
    and pettiness and indifference.
    And how terrible the day when you yield
    (the day when you give up and yield),
    and you leave on foot for Susa,
    and you go to the monarch Artaxerxes
    who favorably places you in his court,
    and offers you satrapies and the like.
    And you accept them with despair
    these things that you do not want.
    Your soul seeks other things, weeps for other things;
    the praise of the public and the Sophists,
    the hard-won and inestimable Well Done;
    the Agora, the Theater, and the Laurels.
    How can Artaxerxes give you these,
    where will you find these in a satrapy;
    and what life can you live without these.

    Constantine P. Cavafy (1910) (credits to Costis Daskalakis)
    Last updated December 14, 2005.