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This is the ftp area of the Electronic Library at Stanford University.

The following is currently available:

     Technical Reports and Technical Notes via ftp:
          Anonymous ftp to ELIB.Stanford.EDU and cd to pub/reports.
          The directory structure reflects the report id.  For example
               the files for the Computer Science Technical Report
               CS-TR-93-1491 is are found in the directory
               /pub/reports/cs/tr/93/1491.  The procedure is:  change
               the dashes in the report id to slashes and prefice the
               resulting string with the string "/pub/reports/".
          Each directory contains several files and subdirectories:
               nnnxnnnxn-TIFF-PAGE-IMAGES are subdirectories which contain
                    scanned images of the individual pages of the report.
                    Each file in this subdirectory contains one page of
                    the report.
               CS-TR-yy-nnn.OCR.txt is the OCR'd text of the report.  This
                    is an ASCII file produced by using Optical Character
                    Recognition on the tiff images. These files contain
                    a lot of recognition errors and are only meant to be
                    used by indexing software, although some are readable.
               CS-TR-yy-nnnn.bib A file containing bibliographic information
                    about the report, in RFC1357 format.
      The report in postscript format.  This file
                    may not be present for all reports.  It is only present,
                    if the authors have made it available to us.
               CS-TR-yy-nnnn.str The structure of the report.
          Indices by author and report number are available in the
          pub/reports/index directory as num_index and author_index. 

     Technical Reports and Technical Notes via the World Wide Web:
          Using Mosaic open the URL http://ELIB.Stanford.EDU/.

     Search capabilities for Technical Reports and notes via telnet:
          Telnet to Forsythetn.Stanford.EDU.
          In response to the "Account?" prompt type "socrates".
          Read the system's output.
          In response to the "OK to proceed?" prompt type "y".
          In response to the "Type of terminal?" prompt enter
               your terminal type.  (vt100 is usually a good choice.)
          In response to the "YOUR RESPONSE" prompt type
               "select technical reports".

If you encounter any problems or have any questions, send mail to