How to run Victor in a virtual machine

  • Download the VictorVM.zip from Victor's website. Extract it to VictorVM.
  • Download VMware and install.
  • From a VMware workstation open the virtual machine VictorVM:

  • Open the virtual machine:
    Open .vmx using VMware

  • Power on the virtual machine (The password for victorvm is ''password'' (no quotes)):
    Power on the virtual machine

  • Open a terminal. You should see "server starting". You can make sure postgresql is running by using the command "ps auwx | grep post". You should see the following output: Test postgresql is running.

  • Finally change directory to the Desktop so you can run examples, e.g. "VICTOR_SQL/bin/victor_front.py VICTOR_SQL/examples/LOGISTIC_REGRESSION/logit_l1.spec":
    Run logistic regression example.

  • To run more examples with victor, follow instructions here.