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Packages that use Predicate
tuffy.db Provides interfaces to the RDBMS. 
tuffy.ground Provides facilities for grounding MLNs, including KBMC, SQL-based grounding, and MRF partitioning. 
tuffy.infer Provides MLN inference algorithms. 
tuffy.mln This package builds the data structure of MLN. 
tuffy.parse Provides parsers for MLN input, config files, and command line options. 
tuffy.ra Rich logic/relational constructs such as expressions and Datalog. 
tuffy.test This package includes testing codes for tuffy. 

Uses of Predicate in tuffy.db

Methods in tuffy.db with parameters of type Predicate
 void RDB.dumpTableToFile(Predicate p, java.lang.String fout)
          Dump a MAP world produced by MAP inference.

Uses of Predicate in tuffy.ground

Fields in tuffy.ground declared as Predicate
(package private)  Predicate KBMC.AtomCutSet.pred
          Predicate of this AtomCutSet.

Constructors in tuffy.ground with parameters of type Predicate
KBMC.AtomCutSet(Predicate p)
          Constructor of AtomCutSet.

Uses of Predicate in tuffy.infer

Methods in tuffy.infer with parameters of type Predicate
private  java.lang.String DataMover.atomToString(Predicate p, java.sql.ResultSet rs, java.util.HashMap<java.lang.Integer,java.lang.String> cmap)
 void DataMover.updateOriTable(java.util.HashSet<java.lang.String> relAtomsTables, Predicate p)

Uses of Predicate in tuffy.mln

Fields in tuffy.mln declared as Predicate
 Predicate Atom.pred
          The predicate of this Atom.
private  Predicate Literal.pred
          Predicate object associated with this literal.

Fields in tuffy.mln with type parameters of type Predicate
private static java.util.HashMap<java.lang.String,Predicate> Predicate.builtInMap
          Map from name to built-in predicates, e.g., same.
private  java.util.ArrayList<Predicate> MarkovLogicNetwork.clusteringPredicates
private  java.util.ArrayList<Predicate> MarkovLogicNetwork.listPred
          List of all predicates appearing in this MLN.
private  java.util.Hashtable<java.lang.String,Predicate> MarkovLogicNetwork.nameMapPred
          Map from string name to Predicate object.
private  java.util.HashMap<Predicate,java.util.ArrayList<Literal>> Clause.predIndex
          The index of predicate to set of literals referencing that predicate.
private  java.util.HashMap<Predicate,java.util.ArrayList<ConjunctiveQuery>> MarkovLogicNetwork.scopes

Methods in tuffy.mln that return Predicate
static Predicate Predicate.getBuiltInPredByName(java.lang.String s)
          Return the predicate object with the name as the argument string.
 Predicate Literal.getPred()
          Return the predicate of this literal.
 Predicate MarkovLogicNetwork.getPredByName(java.lang.String name)
          Return the predicate of the given name; null if such predicate does not exist.

Methods in tuffy.mln that return types with arguments of type Predicate
 java.util.HashSet<Predicate> MarkovLogicNetwork.getAllPred()
          Return the set of all predicates.
 java.util.ArrayList<Predicate> MarkovLogicNetwork.getAllPredOrderByName()
 java.util.Set<Predicate> Clause.getReferencedPredicates()
          Return the set of predicates referenced by this clause.

Methods in tuffy.mln with parameters of type Predicate
private  void MarkovLogicNetwork.applyScopeForPred(Predicate p)
          Execute the scoping rules for a predicate
 java.util.ArrayList<Literal> Clause.getLiteralsOfPredicate(Predicate pred)
          Return the member literals of a particular predicate.
 boolean MarkovLogicNetwork.isScoped(Predicate p)
          Test whether a predicate is scoped
 void MarkovLogicNetwork.registerPred(Predicate p)
          Register a new predicate.

Constructors in tuffy.mln with parameters of type Predicate
Atom(Predicate p, java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.Integer> as, boolean t)
          Create an evidence atom.
Atom(Predicate p, java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.Integer> as, double prior)
          Create a soft evidence atom.
Atom(Predicate p, Tuple at)
          Create an atom of type NONE.
Literal(Predicate predicate, boolean sense)
          Constructor of Literal.

Uses of Predicate in tuffy.parse

Fields in tuffy.parse declared as Predicate
private  Predicate MLNParser.curPred

Uses of Predicate in tuffy.ra

Fields in tuffy.ra declared as Predicate
 Predicate ConjunctiveQuery.StringSet.headPred
private  Predicate AtomEx.pred

Methods in tuffy.ra that return Predicate
 Predicate AtomEx.getPred()
          Returns the predicate of this literal.

Method parameters in tuffy.ra with type arguments of type Predicate
 void ConjunctiveQuery.buildIndexes(RDB db, java.lang.Boolean truth, java.util.Set<Predicate> IDB, java.lang.String tableName, boolean addM1LessThanM2, java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.String> additionalSel)

Constructors in tuffy.ra with parameters of type Predicate
AtomEx(Predicate predicate)

Uses of Predicate in tuffy.test

Fields in tuffy.test declared as Predicate
private static Predicate ClauseTest.p1
private static Predicate ParsingLoadingTest.p1
private static Predicate ClauseTest.p2
private static Predicate ParsingLoadingTest.p2