Uses of Class

Packages that use RDB
tuffy.db Provides interfaces to the RDBMS. 
tuffy.ground Provides facilities for grounding MLNs, including KBMC, SQL-based grounding, and MRF partitioning. 
tuffy.ground.partition Data structures and algorithms for MRF partitioning. 
tuffy.infer Provides MLN inference algorithms. 
tuffy.main Entrances to Tuffy. 
tuffy.mln This package builds the data structure of MLN. 
tuffy.ra Rich logic/relational constructs such as expressions and Datalog. 

Uses of RDB in tuffy.db

Fields in tuffy.db with type parameters of type RDB
(package private) static java.util.ArrayList<RDB> RDB.allRDBs

Methods in tuffy.db that return RDB
static RDB RDB.getRDBbyConfig()
          Attempt to establish the connection as specified in the (deault) configuration.
static RDB RDB.getRDBbyConfig(java.lang.String schema)

Uses of RDB in tuffy.ground

Fields in tuffy.ground declared as RDB
private  RDB Grounding.db
          Relational database used for grounding.

Methods in tuffy.ground with parameters of type RDB
private  void Grounding.bindDB(RDB adb)
          Bind to a database connection, and initialize global database objects.

Uses of RDB in tuffy.ground.partition

Fields in tuffy.ground.partition declared as RDB
private  RDB Partitioning.db
private  RDB Bucket.db

Constructors in tuffy.ground.partition with parameters of type RDB
Bucket(RDB db, PartitionScheme pmap)
          Construct an initially empty memory zone.

Uses of RDB in tuffy.infer

Fields in tuffy.infer declared as RDB
(package private)  RDB PGInfer.db
(package private)  RDB InferPartitioned.db
(package private)  RDB DataMover.db

Uses of RDB in tuffy.main

Fields in tuffy.main declared as RDB
protected  RDB Infer.db
          The DB.

Methods in tuffy.main with parameters of type RDB
protected  void Infer.loadMLN(MarkovLogicNetwork mln, RDB adb, CommandOptions opt)
          Load the rules and data of the MLN program.

Uses of RDB in tuffy.mln

Fields in tuffy.mln declared as RDB
private  RDB Predicate.db
          DB object associated with this predicate.
private  RDB MarkovLogicNetwork.db
          The db connection associated with this MLN.

Methods in tuffy.mln that return RDB
 RDB MarkovLogicNetwork.getDB()
 RDB MarkovLogicNetwork.getRDB()
          Returns the RDB used by this MLN.

Methods in tuffy.mln with parameters of type RDB
 void MarkovLogicNetwork.finalizeClauseDefinitions(RDB adb)
          Finalize the definitions of all clauses, i.e., prepare the database table used by each clause, including 1) instance table for each clause; 2) SQL needed to ground this clause.
private  void MarkovLogicNetwork.materializeAllTypes(RDB adb)
          Call materialize() for all types.
 void Predicate.prepareDB(RDB adb)
          Initialize database objects for this predicate.
 void MarkovLogicNetwork.prepareDB(RDB adb)
          Prepare the database for each predicate and clause.
 void Clause.prepareForDB(RDB db)
          Initialize database objects for this clause.
private  void Clause.sealClauseInstances(RDB db)
          Flush the instance of this clause into database.
 void Predicate.setDB(RDB adb)
 void MarkovLogicNetwork.setDB(RDB adb)
 void Type.storeConstantList(RDB db)
          Store the list of constants in a DB table.

Uses of RDB in tuffy.ra

Methods in tuffy.ra with parameters of type RDB
 void ConjunctiveQuery.buildIndexes(RDB db, java.lang.Boolean truth, java.util.Set<Predicate> IDB, java.lang.String tableName, boolean addM1LessThanM2, java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.String> additionalSel)
 void ConjunctiveQuery.materialize(RDB db, java.lang.Boolean truth, java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.String> orderBy)
          Execute this conjunctive query.