Storage_Manager< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Storage_Manager< T >, including all inherited members.

db_connStorage_Manager< T > [protected]
entity_table_nameStorage_Manager< T > [protected]
getEntityClass(key e, sClass &c, struct hazy_model &m)=0Storage_Manager< T > [pure virtual]
getNumInClass(sClass c, int &nClass, struct hazy_model &m, double &waste_time)=0Storage_Manager< T > [pure virtual]
incrementalUpdate(struct hazy_model &m, double &waste_time)=0Storage_Manager< T > [pure virtual]
insertEntity(struct hazy_model &m, key e, T f)=0Storage_Manager< T > [pure virtual]
loadFromDatabase(struct hazy_model &m)Storage_Manager< T > [virtual]
loadFromFile(struct hazy_model &m, const char *szFileName)Storage_Manager< T > [virtual]
resort(struct hazy_model &m)=0Storage_Manager< T > [pure virtual]
Storage_Manager()Storage_Manager< T > [inline]
Storage_Manager(Hazy_Database *db_conn)Storage_Manager< T > [inline]
~Storage_Manager()Storage_Manager< T > [virtual]

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