Reservoir< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Reservoir< T >, including all inherited members.

addExample(std::string newEx)Reservoir< T >
addExample(int y, T ex)Reservoir< T >
copyExample(int index, int classOfExample, T featureArray)Reservoir< T > [private]
current_sizeReservoir< T > [private]
exampleClassesReservoir< T > [private]
getCurrentSize()Reservoir< T >
getExampleClass(int index)Reservoir< T >
getExampleFeatureVector(int index)Reservoir< T >
init(int res_size, long seed)Reservoir< T > [private]
isFull()Reservoir< T > [inline]
pFeaturesReservoir< T > [private]
Reservoir(int res_size)Reservoir< T >
Reservoir(int res_size, long seed)Reservoir< T >
reservoir_sizeReservoir< T > [private]
shuffle()Reservoir< T > [private]
swapClassesOfLabels(int i, int j)Reservoir< T > [private]
swapVectors(int i, int j)Reservoir< T > [private]

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