Hazy_Sgd< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Hazy_Sgd< T >, including all inherited members.

_connection_map typedefHazy_Sgd< T > [protected]
_dimHazy_Sgd< T > [protected]
_high_low_water_validHazy_Sgd< T > [protected]
_last_sort_modelHazy_Sgd< T > [protected]
_rwlockHazy_Sgd< T > [protected]
connectionsHazy_Sgd< T > [protected]
deleteModel(std::string db_name, std::string table_name)Hazy_Sgd< T >
Hazy_Sgd(Storage_Manager< T > *sm, IncrementalSGD< T > *sgd, Skiing &ski, hazy_model::strategy s)Hazy_Sgd< T >
hmHazy_Sgd< T > [protected]
holder_difference_models(double &delta_w, double &delta_b)Hazy_Sgd< T > [protected]
readEntityClass(key entity_id, sClass &c)Hazy_Sgd< T >
readEntityClass(T vec, sClass &label)Hazy_Sgd< T >
readEntityClass(T vec, double eps, sClass &label)Hazy_Sgd< T >
readNumInClass(sClass c, int &nClass)Hazy_Sgd< T >
sgdHazy_Sgd< T > [protected]
skiHazy_Sgd< T > [protected]
st_manHazy_Sgd< T > [protected]
update_low_high_water()Hazy_Sgd< T > [inline, protected]
updateModel()Hazy_Sgd< T > [protected]
updateModel(T vec, sClass label)Hazy_Sgd< T >

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