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Packages that use Worker
felix.society This package defines the data structure used by Felix to execute concurrent tasks -- it is named ``society'' because there is a hierarchy like: TaskSet/TaskList >= TaskSet/TaskList > Task > Worker. 
felix.task This package instantiates tasks that can be executed in parallel. 

Uses of Worker in felix.society

Subclasses of Worker in felix.society
 class TaskList.TaskListExecutionWorker
          Worker for running this TaskList.
 class TaskSet.TaskSetExecutionWorker
          Worker for running this TaskSet.

Fields in felix.society declared as Worker
 Worker Task.currentWorker
          What worker is currently running?

Methods in felix.society that return Worker
 Worker TaskList.generateWorker()
abstract  Worker Task.generateWorker()
          Generate worker for TASK (threads).
 Worker TaskSet.generateWorker()
 Worker TaskList.generateWorker(java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService pool)
abstract  Worker Task.generateWorker(java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService pool)
          Generate worker for TASKLIST, TASKSET (threads).
 Worker TaskSet.generateWorker(java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService pool)

Uses of Worker in felix.task

Subclasses of Worker in felix.task
 class ExecuteOperatorTask.ExecuteOperatorWorker
          A worker that simply calls the run() function of the operator object.
 class OptimizeDMOTask.OptimizeDMOWorker
          A worker that optimize the DMO.

Methods in felix.task that return Worker
 Worker ExecuteOperatorTask.generateWorker()
 Worker OptimizeDMOTask.generateWorker()
 Worker ExecuteOperatorTask.generateWorker(java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService pool)
 Worker OptimizeDMOTask.generateWorker(java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService pool)