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Packages that use Task
felix.society This package defines the data structure used by Felix to execute concurrent tasks -- it is named ``society'' because there is a hierarchy like: TaskSet/TaskList >= TaskSet/TaskList > Task > Worker. 
felix.task This package instantiates tasks that can be executed in parallel. 

Uses of Task in felix.society

Subclasses of Task in felix.society
 class TaskList
          TaskList -- Subtasks in it must be executed in order, and the downstream tasks can be executed only if the upstream tasks are joined.
 class TaskSet
          TaskSet -- Subtasks in it can be executed in parallel (and then joined).

Methods in felix.society with parameters of type Task
 void Task.addSubTask(Task _task)

Constructor parameters in felix.society with type arguments of type Task
TaskList.TaskListExecutionWorker(java.util.ArrayList<Task> _subtasks, java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService _pool)
TaskSet.TaskSetExecutionWorker(java.util.ArrayList<Task> _subtasks, java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService _pool)

Uses of Task in felix.task

Subclasses of Task in felix.task
 class ExecuteOperatorTask
          Task Object for executing an operator.
 class OptimizeDMOTask
          Task Object for optimizing a DataMovementOperator.