InfoLab Lunch

The InfoLab meets for lunch every Friday in Gates 415. Lunch starts at 12:00. Following guest introductions, trip reports, group business, gossip, etc., the technical portion of the lunch begins around 12:45. The lunch ends at 1:30.

Each week one group member will lead the technical discussion. InfoLunch technical presentations are not formal talks (except for practice conference talks). They are open-ended discussions of ongoing research or other topics of interest of the group. It is strongly suggested that you do not use prepared slides, unless you want to show a couple of graphs or diagrams. Simply use the whiteboard and write as you go along. Demos are encouraged when appropriate. The prepared presentation/demo should be about 15 minutes, followed by about 30 minutes of discussion with participation from the audience.

Please send a title and brief description of your technical presentation either to infolab cs or to Marianne no later than the Wednesday preceding your presentation.

If it's your turn to bring the food, please make sure about one third of it is vegetarian.

Please note that we need to leave the room clean after our group lunches. When it is your turn to bring food, please remember to wipe the tables and the area where we put the food. Everyone else: if you spill food, please clean up after yourself.

Some popular restaurants that deliver are:

The following schedule lists the people responsible for each week's lunch and presentation.

Lunch and Speakers:

April 1

  • Lunch - Theo
  • Presentation - Ellery

    April 8

  • Lunch - David J
  • Presentation - Justin

    April 15

  • Lunch - Feiran
  • Presentation - Gill

    April 22

  • Lunch - Jaeho
  • Presentation - Andreas

    April 29

  • Lunch - Hima
  • Presentation - Stephen B

    May 6

  • Lunch - Justin
  • Presentation - Xiao

    May 13

  • Lunch - Manas
  • Presentation - Alex

    May 20

  • Lunch - Marinka
  • Presentation - Moses

    May 27

  • Lunch - Minkyoung
  • Presentation - Asif

    June 3

  • Lunch - Bob
  • Presentation - Austin

    June 10

  • Lunch - Rok
  • Presentation - Akash

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