Report Number: CSL-TR-94-620
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: The SUIF Compiler System: a Parallelizing and Optimizing Research Compiler
Author: Wilson, Robert
Author: French, Robert
Author: Wilson, Christopher
Author: Amarasinghe, Saman
Author: Anderson, Jennifer
Author: Tjiang, Steve
Author: Liao, Shih-Wei
Author: Tseng, Chau-Wen
Author: Hall, Mary
Author: Lam, Monica
Author: Hennessy, John
Date: May 1994
Abstract: Compiler infrastructures that support experimental research are crucial to the advancement of high-performance computing. New compiler technology must be implemented and evaluated in the context of a complete compiler, but developing such an infrastructure requires a huge investment in time and resources. We have spent a number of years building the SUIF compiler into a powerful, flexible system, and we would now like to share the results of our efforts. SUIF consists of a small, clearly documented kernel and a toolkit of compiler passes built on top of the kernel. The kernel defines the intermediate representation, provides functions to access and manipulate the intermediate representation, and structures the interface between compiler passes. The toolkit currently includes C and Fortran front ends, a loop-level parallelism and locality optimizer, an optimizing MIPS back end, a set of compiler development tools, and support for instructional use. Although we do not expect SUIF to be suitable for everyone, we think it may be useful for many other researchers. We thus invite you to use SUIF and welcome your contributions to this infrastructure. The SUIF software is freely available via anonymous ftp from suif.Stanford.EDU. Additional information about SUIF can be found on the World-Wide Web at http://suif.Stanford.EDU.