Report Number: CSL-TR-92-526
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: SPLASH: Stanford parallel applications for shared-memory*
Author: Singh, Jaswinder Pal
Author: Weber, Wolf-Dietrich
Author: Gupta, Anoop
Date: June 1992
Abstract: We present the Stanford Parallel Applications for Shared-Memory (SPLASH), a set of parallel applications for use in the design and evaluation of shared-memory multiprocessing systems. Our goal is to provide a suite of realistic applications that will serve as a well-documented and consistent basis for evaluation studies. We describe the applications currently in the suite in detail, discuss and compare some of their important characteristicsPsuch as data locality, granularity, synchronization, etc.Pand explore their behavior by running them on a real multiprocessor as well as on a simulator of an idealized parallel architecture. We expect the current set of applications to act as a nucleus for a suite that will grow with time. This report replaces and updates CSL-TR-91-469, April 1991.