Report Number: CSL-TR-92-516
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Opportunities for Online Partial Evaluation
Author: Ruf, Erik
Author: Weise, Daniel
Date: April 1992
Abstract: Partial evaluators can be separated into two classes: offline specializers, which make all of their reduce/residualize decisions before specialization, and online specializers, which make such decisions during specialization. The choice of which method to use is driven by a tradeoff between the efficiency of the specializer and the quality of the residual programs that it produces. Existing research describes some of the inefficiencies of online specializers, and how these are avoided using offline methods, but fails to address the price paid in specialization quality. This paper motivates research in online specialization by describing two fundamental limitations of the offline approach, and explains why the online approach does not encounter the same difficulties.