Report Number: CSL-TR-92-510
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Rapide-0.2 Examples
Author: Hsieh, Alexander
Date: February 1992
Abstract: Rapide-0.2 is an executable language for prototyping distributed, time sensitive systems. We present in this report a series of simple, working example programs in the language. In each example we present one or more new concepts or constructs of the Rapide-0.2 language with later examples drawing on previously presented material. The examples are written for both those who wish to use the Rapide-0.2 language to do serious prototyping and for those who just wish to be familiar with it. The examples were not written for someone who wishes to learn prototyping in general. CSL-TN-92-387 is an informal reference manual, describing the Rapide-0.2 language and tools, which might be helpful to have in conjunction with CSL-TR-92-510 (p. 191).