Report Number: CSL-TR-91-481
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Subnanosecond arithmetic (Second Report)
Author: Flynn, Michael J.
Author: DeMicheli, Giovanni
Author: Dutton, Robert
Author: Pease, R. Fabian
Author: Wooley, Bruce
Date: June 1991
Abstract: The Stanford Nanosecond Arithmetic Project is targeted at realizing an arithmetic processor with performance approximately an order of magnitude faster than currently available technology. The realization of SNAP is predicated on an interdisciplinary approach and effort spanning research in algorithms, data representation, CAD, circuits and devices, and packaging. SNAP is visualized as an arithmetic coprocessor implemented on an active substrate containing several chips, each of which realize a particular arithmetic function. This year's report highlights recent results in the area of wave pipelining. We have fabricated a number of prototype die, implementing a multiplier slice. Cycle times below 5ns were realized.