Report Number: CSL-TR-91-463
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Leading One Detection --- Implementation, Generalization, and Application
Author: Quach, Nhon
Author: Flynn, Michael J.
Date: March 1991
Abstract: This paper presents the concept of leading-one prediction (LOP) in greater detail and describes two existing implementations. The first one is similar to that used in the IBM RS/6000 processor. The second is a distributed version of the first, consuming less hardware when multiple patterns need to be detected. We show how to modify these circuits for sign-magnitude numbers as dictated by the IEEE standard. We then point out that (1) LOP and carry lookahead in parallel addition belong to the same class of problem, that of a bit pattern detection. Such a recognition allows techniques developed for parallel addition to be borrowed for bit pattern detection. And (2) LOP can be applied to compute the sticky bit needed for binary multipliers to perform IEEE rounding.