Report Number: CSL-TR-88-358
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Interviews: A C++ graphical interface toolkit
Author: Linton, Mark A.
Author: Calder, Paul R.
Author: Vlissides, John M.
Date: July 1988
Abstract: We have implemented an object-oriented user interface package, called InterViews, that supports the composition of a graphical user interface from a set of interactive objects. The base class for interactive objects, called an interactor, and base class for composite objects, called a scene, define a protocol for combining interactive behaviors. Subclasses of scenes define common types of composition: a box tiles its components, a tray allows components to overlap or constrain each other's placement, a deck stacks its components so that only one is visible, a frame adds a border, and a viewport shows part of a component. Predefined components include menus, scrollers, buttons, and text editors. InterViews also includes classes for structured text and graphics. InterViews is written in C++ and runs on top of the X window system.