Report Number: CSL-TR-88-350
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: The ILSP behavioral description language and its graph
Author: Odani, Masayasu
Author: Hwang, Sun Young
Author: Blank, Tom
Author: Rokicki, Thomas
Date: March 1988
Abstract: This report describes the ILSP behavioral description language and its internal representation employed in the Hermod behavioral synthesis system. Using combined control and data flow graph C/DFG as an intermediate representation, the Hermod system generates hardware modules and their interconnections from behavioral descriptions. The Hermod system is included in an integrated environment for hardware simulation and synthesis under development at Stanford University. The functional models written in the ILSP can be simulated on the THOR logic/functional/behavioral simulator without translation. After proper verification of its behavior, an ILSP model can be input to the synthesizer for compilation into an RT-level description. This report consists of two parts: the specification of the ILSP language and its graph representation.