Report Number: CSL-TR-87-326
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: SRT division diagrams and their usage in designing intergrated circuits for division
Author: Williams, Ted E.
Author: Horowitz, Mark
Date: November 1986
Abstract: This paper describes the construction and analysis of several diagrams which depict SRT division algorithms. These diagrams yield insight into the operation of the algorithms and the many implementation tradeoffs available in custom circuit design. Examples of simple low radix diagrams are shown, as well as tables for higher radices. The tables were generated by a program which can create and verify the diagrams for different division schemes. Also discussed is a custom CMOS integrated circuit designed which performs SRT division using self-timed circuit techniques. This chip implements an intermediate approach between a fully combinational array and a fully iterative in time method in order to get both speed and small silicon area.