Report Number: CSL-TR-87-314
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Post-game analysis -- an initial experiment for heuristic-based
Author: Yan, Jerry C
Date: February 1987
Abstract: In concurrent systems, a major responsibility of the resource management system is to decide how the application program is to be mapped onto the multi-processor. Instead of using abstract program and machine models, a generate-and-test framework known as "post-game analysis" that is based on data gathered during program execution is proposed. Each iteration consists of (i) (a simulation of) an execution of the program; (ii) analysis of the data gathered; and (iii) the proposal of a new mapping that would have a smaller execution time. These heuristics are applied to predict execution time changes in response to small perturbations applied to the current mapping. An initial experiment was carried out using simple strategies on "pipeline-like" applications. The results obtained from four simple strategies demonstrated that for this kind of application, even simple strategies can produce acceptable speed-up with a small number of iterations.