Report Number: CSL-TR-85-270
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: A Model and Temporal Proof System for Networks of Processes
Author: Nguyen, Van
Author: Gries, David
Author: Owicki, Susan
Date: February 1985
Abstract: A model and a sound and complete proof system for networks of processes in which component processes communicate exclusively through messages is given. The model, an extension of the trace model, can describe both synchronous and asynchronous networks. The proof system uses temporal-logic assertions on sequences of observations - a generalization of traces. The use of observations traces makes the proof system simple, compositional and modular, since internal details can be hidden. The expressive power of temporal logic makes it possible to prove temporal properties (safety, liveness, precedence, etc.) in the system. The proof system is language-independent and works for both synchronous and asynchronous networks.