Report Number: CSL-TR-84-257
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Reverse synthesis compilation for architectural research
Author: Ganapathi, Mahadevan
Author: Hennessy, John
Author: Sarkar, Vivek
Date: March 1984
Abstract: This paper discusses the development of compilation strategies for DEL architectures and tools to assist in the evaluation of their efficiency. Compilation is divided into a series of independent simpler problems. To explore optimization of code for DEL compilers, two intermediate representations are employed. One of these representations is at a lower level than target machine instructions. Machine-independent optimization is performed on this intermediate representation. The other intermediate representation has been specifically designed for compiler retargetability It is at a higher level than the target machine. Target code generation is performed by reverse synthesis followed by attributed parsing. This technique demonstrates the feasibility of using automated table-driven code generation techniques for inflexible architectures.