Report Number: CSL-TR-77-139
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Properties and applications of the least-recently-used stack model
Author: Rau, B. Ramakrishna
Date: May 1977
Abstract: The Least-Recently-Used Stack Model (LRUSM) is known to be a good model of temporal locality. Yet, little analysis of this model has been performed and documented. Certain properties of the LRUSM are developed here. In particular, the concept of the Stack Working Set is introduced and expressions are derived for the forward recurrence time to the next reference to a page, for the time that a page spends in a cache of a given size and for the time from last reference to the page being replaced. The fault stream out of a cache memory is modelled and it is shown how this can be used to partially analyze a multilevel memory hierarchy. In addition, the Set Associative Buffer is analyzed and a necessary and sufficient condition for the optimality of the LRU replacement algorithm is advanced.