Report Number: CSL-TR-77-134
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Design of two-level fault-tolerant networks form threshold elements
Author: Butakov, Evguenij A.
Author: Posherstnick, Marat S.
Date: March 1977
Abstract: Only a small part of all Boolean functions of n-variables can be realized by one threshold element (T.E.). For all other functions the net must be built with at least two T.E.'s. The problem of constructing a fault-tolerant two-level network from T.E. is investigated. The notion of limiting function is introduced. It is shown that the use of these limiting functions induces a reduction in the number of possible candidates during the process of finding a realization of an arbitrary function by threshold functions. The method is based on the two-asummability property of threshold functions and therefore is applicable to completely specified Boolean functions with less than nine variables.