Report Number: CSL-TR-76-123
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Research in the Digital Systems Laboratory
Author: Faculty, The
Date: June 1976
Abstract: This report summarizes the research carried out in the Digital Systems Laboratory* at Stanford University during the period August 1975 through July 1976. Research investigations were concentrated into the following major areas: Computer Performance; Computer Reliability Studies, including fault-tolerant computing, evaluation of dual-computer configurations, and implementation of reliable software systems; Computer Architecture, including organization of computer systems, feasibility of real-time emulation, and directly executed languages; Design Automation of Digital Systems; Computer Networks, including network interconnection protocols, the 2000 terminal computing system, and packet-switched network technology/cost studies; LSI Multiprocessors; Compiler Implementation; and Parallel Computer Systems. Renamed Computer Systems Laboratory in 1978.