Report Number: CSL-TR-76-118
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: The Stanford emulation laboratory
Author: Flynn, Michael J.
Author: Hoevel, Lee W.
Author: Neuhauser, Charles J.
Date: June 1976
Abstract: The Stanford Emulation Laboratory is designed to support general research in the area of emulation. Central to the laboratory is a universal host machine, the EMMY, which has been designed specifically to be an unbiased, yet efficient host for a wide range of target machine architectures. Microstore in the EMMY is dynamically microprogrammable and thus is used as the primary data storage resource of the emulator. Other laboratory equipment includes a reconfigurable main memory system and an independent control processor to monitor emulation experiments. Laboratory software, including two microassemblers, is briefly described. Three laboratory applications are described: (1) A conventional target machine emulation (a system 360), (2) 'microscopic' examination of emulated target machine I-streams, and (3) Direct execution of a high level language (Fortran II).