Report Number: CSL-TR-76-116
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Asynchronous serial interface for connecting a PDP-11 to the ARPANET (BBN 1822)
Author: Crane, Ronald C.
Date: July 1976
Abstract: This report describes an interface to permit the connection of any PDP-11 to either the Packet radio network of the ARPAnet. The interface connects to an IMP on one side, meeting the specifications published in BBN report number 1822, NS RO 16 bit parallel interface (DRV-11 or DR11-C) as described in the DEC peripherals and interfacing handbook. The interface card itself is a double height board (5.2"x 8.5") which can be plugged into any peripheral slot in a PDP-11 backplane. The interface card is connected to the parallel interface card via two cables with Berg 40 pin connectors (DEC H-856) and to the IMP via an Amphenol bayonet connector (48-10R-18-315). All 3 cables and connectors are supplied with the I/O interface card. The parallel interface card (DEC DR11-C or DRV-11) together with the special I/O interface card described in this report comprise the 1822 interface. The report includes descriptions of the operation of circuits, programming, and diagnostics for the 1822 interface.